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Create your Risk Profile

What are your goals?

  • Are you looking to save to make a down-payment for a house?
  • Are you looking to put some money aside for a rainy day?
  • Are you looking to save for retirement?
  • Are you looking to trade aggressively to grow your capital?
  • Are you looking to save for your children’s college education?

The answers to these questions determine what kind of investment is suitable for you which help you meet your goals. For Example, if you are saving for a house down-payment be more conservative as it is shorter term goal i.e. less than 24 month horizon. You can’t afford to lose money in the short term as that prevents you from buying your dream home. For more longer term investments i.e. longer than 24 months horizon, you can take more risk allowing the investment to perform over time.


Are you an aggressive or conservative investor?

Your investments reflect your personal style. We make it easy for you to select from our picks. All our picks are classified into below risk categories:

  1. Risk-Averse –  You are very worried about losing money and losing money gives you sleepless nights.
  2. Conservative –  You are very circumspect with investing and will only tolerate small losses.
  3. Balanced – You understand that to get returns, you need to take some calculated risks. You are comfortable with moderate levels of losses.
  4. Aggressive – You have high disposable income and can afford to lose large amounts of your invested capital. You understand risks in financial markets and are comfortable with the high-risk, high-return trade-off.
  5. Expert – You have expert level understanding of financial markets. You have many years of experience of investing in markets and can put on the most complex of trades with the riskiest of pay-offs. You still smile even if you lose all your money.

We realize that it is virtually impossible to classify yourself into one category, so the best approach is to mix and match from the categories that most represent you. For example, if you are conservative-balanced, pick some investments that are classified conservative and mix them with some balanced ones.

Asset Classes: Fixed-Income , Equities , Currencies , Commodities

Implementation: Conservative Investors , Balanced Investors , Aggressive Investors

We classify our picks into 3 categories based upon investment horizon:

  1. Tactical – Very short term trades suitable only for investors comfortable with high risk [possibly heavy losses]. The investment case is based on expectations over next few hours or days. These are very risky investments, requiring very high degree of analysis, timing & discipline.
  2. Medium Term – Trades which can be held for 6-12 months duration, to reflect the current cycle of the market. The investment case for such investments needs to be reviewed every month for the next 6 months’ outlook. These are typically riskier investments requiring careful monitoring.
  3. Strategic – Long term, core positions which should be held through cycles. The investment case for such investments needs to be reviewed every quarter for the next 12 months’ outlook. These are typically safer investments, which need to be monitored from time-to-time.

One should always be on the look-out for any very important news which may affect the underlying investments in your portfolio.

Your portfolio can have a mix of all 3 types of investments depending on your comfort factor, investment goals and investor type classification. But be careful to review your investments at the frequency advised for each category.


We are in the risk-reduction business. We will try to pick investments which are lowest risk for their given category and have the highest return potential for their risk classification.

Costs are a big factor in investment. We will pick investments that are cost-effective and don’t eat into your performance.

Knowledge and Experience: Only invest in what you know. Don’t jump into trades on hot tips, not even ours. We will pick investments in below categories:

Bonds (Rates & Credit), Equities, Currencies, Commodities