Logo-Simply InvestWe are democratizing finance. We charge the same fees to all clients. Billionaire or common man. Our fees are the LOWEST in the industry. We are able to charge such fees as we eliminate costly financial advisors, costly prime real estate and other overheads of a large brokerage or investment manager and distribute via technology.




For Accredited Investors – We offer portfolio management on a AUM based advisory plus performance fees, paid semi-annually.

AUM-based Advisory Fees:

  • 0.48% for portfolios below US$1 million
  • 0.39% for portfolios between US$1-5 million
  • 0.30% for portfolios between US$5 – 15 million
  • 0.24% for portfolios between US$15 – 50 million
  • 0.18% for portfolios above US$50 million

Performance Fees: 5% of positive performance in a calendar year. For example, if your portfolio gained 8% in a year, our performance will be 5% of 8% i.e. 0.4%. We charge performance fees as we try to provide better downside protection across market cycles. We hope you appreciate the difference with other managers. Performance fees gives us the right incentives to perform for you.

Note: We don’t offer portfolio management to all clients due to licensing requirements in Singapore. We are  working on obtaining the required licensing and shall make that service available to all clients as soon as possible.