Our Advantage

Logo-Simply InvestSimply Invest has some distinct advantages over our competition:

  • We are independent – We are only compensated by you. We are not paid by a broker or a bank. We act only for you. Our interests are perfectly aligned. We understand you have many choices and if our service is not relevant, you will choose other service providers. We will always remain independent, striving to give best-in-class advice.
  • We offer customization – Your portfolio reflects your style and objectives. We don’t have a one-size fits all approach. Each individual is different. We don’t push any product. We select products that are best suited for the respective style and objective. We don’t just advice on a mix of bonds and equities for a given risk appetite, we tell you which specific bonds and equities are suited within that mix as well. Different types of bonds and equities have different risk profiles, therefore this approach is unique and very different from the competition.
  • Availability of Advice – We distribute via technology. We are always available for you. Our trade ideas that are relevant for you are sent directly to you in real time. Our experts are available to you as well should you need a ‘personal trainer’.
  • Transparent – We are completely transparent. We have no hidden costs. We are not making esoteric investments in illiquid securities. We only advice on highly liquid and transparent instruments.
  • Wealth of Experience – We bring together a strong team  of professionals who have experience at the biggest financial firms to bring their knowledge and experience in managing capital to you.
  • Long/Short – We understand that a portfolio needs insurance. Just like you need health insurance, life insurance and your house needs fire insurance. Our advice will provide tactical ideas to hedge your portfolios or provide ideas to be outright short for aggressive investors. We also provide tactical ideas to take positions in currencies and commodities to profit from dislocated markets.

We are in the risk-reduction business and will try to reduce the level of risk in your portfolio for a given return target.

Our Philosophy:

  1. The market is explained by fractals. Each component is made up of similar smaller components. Hence markets are not exactly path independent. Markets are trading expectations rather than fundamental value. One can profit from this understanding of the market structure.
  2. History repeats itself. Humans are poor at understanding risk and probability and therefore make the same mistakes again. This is seen in patterns in markets everyday. An understanding of human psychology and history is useful for investing.
  3. Humans over-react to events. This is reflected in the markets as well and creates dislocations from which a prudent and disciplined investor can profit from.

Methodology for Investment Sizing:

  1. We consider valuations of asset classes relative to each other and relative to their past to determine which asset class is cheap, fair or over-valued. (quantitative)
  2. Overlay of economic outlook to determine bias. (fundamental)
  3. Factor in positioning aspects. Are there any crowded trades in the market? What are these predicated on? (technical)

Methodology for Tactical Trades:

  1. We consider advanced neural networks and pattern-recognition technology to identify high probability trade ideas. (artificial intelligence)
  2. We confirm with fundamental analysis to increase probability of success. (modeling)