Logo-Simply InvestSimply Invest looks at below asset classes [along with volatility and futures markets as asset classes]. We only advise on liquid investments that are within the reach of the common man as we understand liquidity requirements of most investors. We therefore don’t advise on illiquid asset classes like real estate, hedge funds, private equity funds and art (passion investments). We don’t provide advice on general insurance or wealth succession planning.

We are in the risk-reduction business and will try to reduce the level of risk in your portfolio for a given return target.

As explained under the section : “How It Works” , invest in what resonates with you. Don’t jump into trades on hot tips, not even ours. Do your homework and monitor your investments regularly. Be on the look-out for new opportunities and risks on the horizon. Be flexible and willing to learn new things always, but stay true to your style. Investing is a marathon, with long boring hours. It is not an exciting thrill ride.

Asset Classes: Fixed-Income , Equities , Currencies , Commodities

Implementation: Conservative Investors , Balanced Investors , Aggressive Investors