Equities Track Record

Simply Invest is in the risk-reduction business. We will try to minimize the risk for your target return. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Surviving is the key to success.

We take our value-add job very seriously. We acknowledge that you have many choices and we are thankful for your time and business.

Equities Track Record: Conservative , Balanced , Aggressive


Our Proprietary Models:

Below is an illustration of our 2 proprietary quantitative models. These models screen US Stocks with over $10 bn market cap and re-balance with equal weight every month.

The models were back-tested for past 15 years and showed exceptional performance vs S&P500 Total Return Index.

Note: We have not made available these models via this platform as it may be too cumbersome for individuals to re-balance the portfolio every month.

Value-Based Model:

Companies with history of Dividend growth currently trading at cheap valuations

value model vs SPXT 15y backtest

Growth-Based Model:

Companies currently showing high growth in earnings and dividends

growth model vs SPXT 15y backtest