About the Founder

Logo-Simply InvestNirman has been fortunate to have worked at one the largest financial companies in the world. He learnt about the world of complex derivatives in India and then worked on the trading desk in Singapore. He brings all his experience and knowledge to this company to help you.

His philosophy has been influenced by the below greats:

  1. Elon Musk (Risk Taking, Science & Engineering)
  2. Benjamin Graham (value investing)
  3. Warren Buffett (value investing and market psychology)
  4. Richard Dennis (trend following)
  5. Daniel Kahnemann (psychology and behavior)
  6. Richard Thaler (father of behavioral economics)
  7. Benoit Mandelbrot (father of fractal geometry)
  8. Lee Kuan Yew (first Prime Minister of Singapore)
  9. Nassim Taleb (philosophy and risk)
  10. George Soros (philiosphy & managing risk)
  11. James Simons (Algo based investing & trading)
  12. John Bogle (innovation in fund management, philosophy of investing)

Nirman’s LinkedIn Profile



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