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Logo-Simply InvestSimply Invest is created to make investment simple for everyone. Markets have become extremely chaotic and unpredictable. Traditional asset allocation approaches don’t work anymore. We need new thinking that is nimble and designed for the individual to suit style and personality.

We bring the ideas and concepts that are used by the biggest financial institutions for managing their capital to you.

Investment sizing for:

Conservative Investors , Balanced Investors , Aggressive Investors

Bond Funds for: Conservative Investors , Balanced Investors , Aggressive Investors

Equities for: Conservative Investors , Balanced Investors , Aggressive Investors

Tactical Ideas for Balanced Investors:

Tactical Ideas for Aggressive Investors:

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Investments in a new-paradigm complex and hyper-connected world:

Below chart shows the relative performance of indices linked to various asset classes denominated in USD. It shows that over past 10 year period, most asset classes had similar total return, while taking vastly different paths to the same outcome. Only NASDAQ index has performed exceedingly well, due to it’s technology weighting, reflecting the advances in technology. Therefore, it is critical to pick the right instruments at the right time.


IBOXIG: iBoxx USD Liquid Investment Grade Index (US Intermediate-Term Investment Grade Corporate Bonds)

SPXT: S&P500 Total Return Index (US Large Cap Equities)

LD07TRUU: Barclays Long U.S. Corporate Total Return Index Value Unhedged USD (US Long-Term Investment Grade Corporate Bonds)

JPEIJACC: J.P. Morgan Asia Credit Index Core (Asian Corporate bonds)

IBOXHY: iBoxx USD Liquid High Yield Index (US High Yield Bonds)

JPEICORE: J.P. Morgan Emerging Market Bond Index Global Core (Emerging Market Government and Corporate Bonds)

XCMP: NASDAQ Composite Total Return Index (US Equities)

RU10VATR: Russell 1000 Value Index Total Return (US Small Cap Equities)